We all experience a multitude of influences in our lives. Some are more significant than others, some may be negative and others barely noticeable. Yet it is what we decide to draw from each of these influences that defines who we are. Through activating a mental awareness of the world around us and our environment we can begin to draw inspiration from our influences, whether they be people, places or broader maters which affect our mindsets and creativity.

In my life, I find inspiration all around me; through my work, the places I go and the people I meet along the way. Everything is a journey and in order to become the best you and continually grow, adapt and change, we must learn from the lessons which others teach us.

A good starting point in defining my sources of inspiration lies in identifying some key figures who’s actions motivate me. We live in one of the most exciting periods of human history, where the world moves at an increasingly dizzying pace and the people who live amongst us are some of the most remarkable ever.

Here are my top three inspirational women:

  1. Michelle Obama – In my opinion, the Obamas in the White House was one of the most positive influences in recent years. Not simply due to Barack’s political and democratic influence, or the changes which he set into motion which affected a plethora of sociopolitical matters, but additionally due to the morals and ethos which he and Michelle projected. Michelle is a powerful woman in her own right, a leader in heels. She inspires me because she is not afraid to speak her mind. She was fully aware that her actions as well as her husbands were making history, and so as a result, she stood up for what she believed. The nature of her speech making demonstrates that she is a leader in every sense of the word, and she promotes positive feminist values which promote the rights and position of women within society. (Take note Trump…)
  2.  Beyoncé – Though she may not be one of the greatest political leaders or intellectual thinkers of our time , the influence which Beyoncé has in this new digital era is inspirational on a multitude of levels. She uses her status and media exposure to promote a positive image, not only for herself but for all women who may associate with her values. She is a powerful and positive role model who’s ideologies encapsulate the strength of women, family values, loyalty to her husband, equality, diversity and individualism. These are all factors which I too strongly believe in and I feel inspired, both in my ideologies and creatively to pursue self improvement and development in accordance with these values.
  3. My Mum – cliche as it sounds, and cheesy as it may be me writing this, my mum is definitely the most inspirational woman in my life. There are the obvious factors that she has raised me and is greatly responsible for the woman that I am today, yet she undertakes further actions which inspire me daily and I have seen her influence on others too. Her line of work is emotionally, mentally and physically demanding, and she undertakes it with love on a daily basis, which causes many people to applaud her for her dedication. She studied for and gained a PhD whilst working full time and raising me! Any one of these accoplishments can easily be deemed as praiseworthy, but to combine all of them at the same time is remarkable! She is strong in her leadership and guidance which she provides, and I know that she will never let me fall.

Thus, these are the three most inspirational women in my life today. I strive to have the leadership of Michelle Obama, the positivity and creativity of Beyoncé, and the dedication, passion and intellect of my mother.

Who inspires you? xx