The self obsessed generation?

I sometimes think that maybe we all need to stop being quite so British. Sorry for this, sorry for that, where the epitome of annoyance is a full hearted tut, maybe followed by a poignant exhale. But now, a new generation appears to be emerging, where an attitude spread online has begun to trickle into real life. An attitude of putting yourself first and promoting the concept that maybe being selfish every once in a while is no bad thing. This attitude may contradict traditional British conduct, but can we take a lesson from this #SorryNotSorry concept and all just live our lives with little more #Sass? 

To me this idea feels American, altogether bolder than we more reserved Brits who sometimes feel uneasy if more than 10 minutes pass without the need to utter ‘sorry’. But maybe we need bringing out of our shells. As a new generation emerges from education into the big, scary adult world, it seems to me that a new outlook on life is developing. Fuelled by the increasing globalisation of social media, ideas can spread like wildfire amongst a plugged in generation, and now it appears that the confidence we build from behind our phone screens is trickling into real life and affecting a broader attitude change. 

Sometimes this new found confidence may be mistaken for cockiness, and I don’t agree with it when it is taken too far thus bordering on self obsession, however it is generating a new level of self-confidence amongst a generation soon to turn into professionals, which may change the face of British industry. So surely this is an attitude worth paying attention to? My advice would be to attempt to adopt this attitude of self confidence and therefore self promotion, but stay grounded so as to avoid becoming obsessed with being #blessed and brushing off all responsibility with #sorrynotsorry.

Always stay you and believe that your sparkle is just as bright as anyone else’s xx