Lets admit it, there are some days where even the mere thought of dragging our bodies out of bed in the morning makes us groan and want to shrink back under the covers. Everyone has those days. But for some people, ‘not today’ is simply not an option, and those individuals are an inspiration to us all. 

The 2016 Rio Olympics will be the first ever games to include a team entirely made up of refugees from a variety of countries and backgrounds. The 10 strong team all carry incredible stories of hardship, fleeing their countries due to war and being separated from families and friends whilst losing all material possessions apart from the clothes they stood up in. 

But despite all of these hardships, from treacherous sea crossings in inflatable boats to being subjected to people smuggling and abuse, these individuals have not allowed their lives to be limited and have found reasons to get up everyday and tackle the world head on. This provides a beacon of inspiration and hope to refugees across the globe whose lives have been shattered by war, showing that change is possible and that their lives matter. But we should all take a lesson from Team Refugee, that even though the world can be tough, quitting and giving up on what you believe in should not be an option and that ‘impossibility’ is simply a mindset that can be overcome. 

As an athlete myself, I know the commitment and dedication that these people have driving them and can understand the hunger for success. But the individuals who form this super team have more than hunger for sporting success driving them, they will be running, swimming and fighting with every breath for both their past, to show others what can be achieved, and for their future, to continue their success stories and create a legacy so that others may follow. 

This super team is the definition of inspiration, and although I am a dedicated Team GBR supporter who will be rooting for many of my sporting heroes, I will be cheering just as loudly and as passionately for Team Refugee who will be added to my list of not just inspirational athletes, but inspirational individuals.

Show your support by following their journey: https://www.facebook.com/RefugeeOlympicTeam/