In order to survive in modern day London as an aspiring twenty-something, so called #CareerGirl, you have to be prepared to fight an uphill battle just to keep up with the crowd. The world of business moves faster than the current land speed record, and standing out now seems harder than ever as there are at least a hundred others claiming that what makes you unique also applies to them! So how can any new graduate expect to be noticed in a world where a job cannot be gained without experience and experience cannot be gained without a job? Catch 22. 

In a world that moves faster than the speed of sound, it feels as though young aspiring professionals are required to move at twice that pace to get various industries to notice and hopefully hire them, thus effectively becoming Concorde. Also, in order to get noticed, we are all told to make ourselves stand out from the crowd… But what happens if we are all trying so hard, vying for attention, that the result is just a louder crowd? I accepted a while ago that perfection is an unachievable goal, and yet if you are less than perfect employers become disinterested. So, time to adapt my approach. I will no longer try to be perfect, I will try to be me. My brand is me, myself and I.

I want to be able to find and hold down a job that makes me want to get up every day, that gives me a sense of fulfilment and drives me to grow and learn.  I don’t want to sound like I’m spewing a load of corporate jargon, this is simply my aim at this point in life so that I can grow in the future. If anyone saw me just before I go into an interview, in that little private moment in the lift on the way up, they would see that I am a nervous wreck! Every single time I have the same conversation with myself:

What if they don’t like me? I really want this job! Come on you can do this, you’re fabulous! … I’m s**t. No, pull yourself together! Just be you, you won’t be any good at being anyone else! Go for it!’

Lift doors open, deep breath, smile and firm handshake…

This is all because I want the job so badly and, like the majority of twenty-somethings, I care a lot about what people think about me. So, I am just going to continue being me and hoping that this trick is the secret ingredient that will help my sparkle shine brighter and even more glittery than everyone else’s!