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3 Women Who Inspire Me

We all experience a multitude of influences in our lives. Some are more significant than others, some may be negative and others barely noticeable. Yet it is what we decide to draw from each of these influences that defines who we are. Continue reading “3 Women Who Inspire Me”



The self obsessed generation?

I sometimes think that maybe we all need to stop being quite so British. Sorry for this, sorry for that, where the epitome of annoyance is a full hearted tut, maybe followed by a poignant exhale. But now, a new generation appears to be emerging, where an attitude spread online has begun to trickle into real life. An attitude of putting yourself first and promoting the concept that maybe being selfish every once in a while is no bad thing. This attitude may contradict traditional British conduct, but can we take a lesson from this #SorryNotSorry concept and all just live our lives with little more #Sass?  Continue reading “#SorryNotSorry”

Time Is Precious

Time is an illusive concept at the best of times, sometimes it passes too quickly and other times we cannot wish it away fast enough. Something I have learnt is that time should be made the most of, and as a result of this, several people have referred to me as super woman because of all the hours I seemingly squeeze out of the day. But I’ll let you into a secret… I am not wonder woman and I don’t have any super powers (damn), I just make every minute count.

Continue reading “Time Is Precious”

Refugee Olympic Team – The Definition of Inspiration

Lets admit it, there are some days where even the mere thought of dragging our bodies out of bed in the morning makes us groan and want to shrink back under the covers. Everyone has those days. But for some people, ‘not today’ is simply not an option, and those individuals are an inspiration to us all.  Continue reading “Refugee Olympic Team – The Definition of Inspiration”

‘Hello… It’s Me…’

In order to survive in modern day London as an aspiring twenty-something, so called #CareerGirl, you have to be prepared to fight an uphill battle just to keep up with the crowd. The world of business moves faster than the current land speed record, and standing out now seems harder than ever as there are at least a hundred others claiming that what makes you unique also applies to them! So how can any new graduate expect to be noticed in a world where a job cannot be gained without experience and experience cannot be gained without a job? Catch 22.  Continue reading “‘Hello… It’s Me…’”

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